Your air conditioner will run without a filters, but don’t try it! Without a filter, your system will be completely susceptible to all types of dust and debris, which can damage your HVAC system and cause expensive repairs.

The main role of the air filter in the HVAC system is to keep the equipment clean, especially the blower motor and the evaporator coil. Dirts is the number one cause of air conditioning and heating system failures. By paying a small amount for an outdoor air conditioner filter, you can extend the system’s life.

If you decide to run the air conditioner without a filter, your equipment may encounter some of the following potential problems – 

Decrease in home’s air quality 

If the air conditioner is turned on without a built-in air filter, it will suck in dirty air and direct it back into the house. This will bring you two main problems: 

  • Instead of breathing filters air, you are breathing dirty air.
  • Your air conditioner is blowing air and dust through your home, making dirt and other debris more likely to fall on your furniture and other surfaces.

To prevent the above problems, you can buy an air intake filter sock cover to avoid dirt and debris accumulation.

Frozen evaporator coil 

When the air conditioner is started without a filter, dust is sucked into the indoor air conditioner and deposited in a part of the system, called the evaporator coil. If there is dust on the evaporators coils, they will not absorb as much heat from your home as needed, which can cause the evaporator to freeze.

Increased electricity bills

When the evaporator coils freeze, they cannot take as much heat away from your house, resulting in longer running hours for your air conditioner to cool down your home, which can lead to higher electricity bills over time.

Damaged compressor

If the evaporator coil is frozen and your system runs, you may damage the A/C compressor. The air-conditioning compressor is located in the outdoor unit and is referred to as the “heart” of the system. Since the air conditioner cannot work efficiently without a compressor, this part of your system.

Less conditioned air 

Your air conditioning system may produce less conditioned air. When you put your hand on the air outlet of the air conditioner, there is little air coming out, but the air itself is colder than usual. This indicates that your AC evaporator coil may be frozen or blocked.

Uneven cooling and heating 

If you do not clean the air filter often and have not installed the outdoor air conditioner filter, you will encounter major problems in winter. In addition, if you ignore your air filter now, you may find cold spots at home in winter, which means you will get lower comfort levels at higher costs.

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