How to measure the Condenser (Outside Unit) for the correct size Air Sock Filter:

Measure the top of the condenser from front to back and side to side.

Measure the height of the condenser from top edge to bottom of unit.

Standard Size Cover Fits:

23 to 28 inches width and depth

Up to 28 inches in height

XL Size – Larger Cover Fits:

28 to 40 inches width and depth

Up to 45 inches in height

“How to Measure” is also available on Video located on the Menu tab.

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Air Sock Filter: An AC Condenser Filter to Prevent Your Air Conditioner Condenser from Clogging

Have you ever come across a clogged air conditioner? Because if you did, you know the predicaments. A clogged air conditioner stops working at its peak condition, and you need to compromise with your comfort. Due to other daily chores, sometimes the most neglected appliance in your home is the air conditioner. Most homeowners pay no heed to the air conditioner unless it stops working completly. The chances are that when you miss or neglect a spring checkup, your air conditioner may have a low cooling capacity. The airborne particulates, grasses, leaves, and other debris can clog the air conditioner and restrict proper airflow. That is when you need an AC condenser filter which can keep your AC protected.

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Is Clogged?

It is hard to bear with an air conditioner which is barely working. A faulty and malfunctioning air conditioner can make the inside air more uncomfortable than a room that never had an air conditioner. This is due to the sealed vents and the restrictions to the outside airflow; and it can make your home as warm as a furnace. If your air conditioner is clogged, it will need a solution to get back to normal. Some of the solutions are:

Cleaning the AC:

When your air conditioner is clogged, it will need cleaning, simple! Whether you manage cleaning your air conditioner by yourself or prefer hiring a professional, the goal remains the same – to throw out the debris away from the air conditioner.

You can follow these simple steps to unclog the air conditioner:

Turn Off the Power

Turn off the power of your air conditioner before you start cleaning.

Vacuum Away Debris

Vacuum all the debris like the grass clippings and leaves with a soft and clean brush. Clear away bushes, grass, and everything within 2 ft of the AC condenser.

Straighten the Fins

Align the crushed and bent fins with gentle pressure. Use a comb specifically made for AC Condensers.

Remove the Fan

Remove the fan carefully and keep it aside. Pull out the debris, and wipe the interior surface with a clean cloth.

Clean the Fins

Use moderate water pressure and clean the fins. Now you can reinstall the fan.

You can restart your AC condenser once you are done with cleaning the entire outdoor unit.

Spending on the Right AC Condenser Filter Can Save Your Effort

How often can you manage to clean the outdoor unit or the AC condenser, which is essential for your AC to work effectively? Or how much would you prefer to spend on hiring professional repair and cleaning services to clean the AC condenser?

Remember, you need to have a routine cleaning of the air conditioner to prevent dirt and debris. The outdoor unit is very prone to clogging as it is installed outdoors. And sometimes, it becomes difficult for homeowners to keep an eye on the outdoor unit.

Air Sock Filter is a perfect solution for you if you are looking for a sustainable and permanent solution for repeated AC condenser clogging.

What is Air Sock Filter?

It is an AC condenser filter to keep you worry-free all year long. An air sock filter covers the entire outdoor (the condenser unit) of your air conditioner and keeps it away from airborne particles like dust and dirt and other debris that cause clogging. Air sock filter is made of 4-way stretch material and can fit all the major brands and models of the air conditioner. This air conditioner condenser filter is water-resistant. Thus, even during the monsoon and lousy weather conditions; your air conditioner is safe and protected.

How to Install Air Sock Filter?

Installing this AC condenser filter is way easier than cleaning the air conditioner on your own. It’s effortless and takes an extraordinarily little time. You can Install the air sock filter at home without professional guidance. One of the interesting facts about the air sock filter is that it is highly customizable, and you can get a customized product if your AC unit is not fitting correctly. You can even alter the product according to your AC unit’s size, with simple folding and cutting. Click Here to see “How to install Air Sock Filter”

AC Condenser Filter = Clean Air Conditioner + Cool Air

You wish your air conditioner to last till its maximum life expectancy; and it is possible with Air Sock Filter! Air sock filters can help your air conditioner to stay in its best health in every way. When your AC clogs, it not only fails to generate and circulate cold air inside your house but also compromises indoor air quality. Air sock filter keeps away debris, dirt, and other particles from entering the AC unit, which may restrict the airflow or contaminate the air. Thus, the air conditioner condenser filter not only protects the outdoor unit of your air conditioner from clogging but also maintains indoor air quality.

Get the Best Return of Investment with an AC Condenser Filter

This may sound over-complimenting, but you are going to agree to it! When your AC clogs more often, it hurts your pocket as well as comfort. Plus, frequent clogging and malfunctioning of an air conditioner lead to a system breakdown and permanent damage to the system. If you can keep an account of your AC repair and service costs, you will notice you pay an average of $500. And the average price of a new air conditioner is $3500. An air conditioner condenser filter can keep your AC condenser safe and clog-free in just $34.95.

Don’t Compromise on Your Comfort and the Health of Your Air Conditioner

Get an AC Condenser Filter from Air Sock Filter

If you want to protect your AC condenser with an AC condenser filter, air sock filter is there. Ordering an air sock filter is easy. Visit our products page and pick the AC condenser filter that fits your need. We can customize the product as per the shape and size of your AC unit. Give us a call at 651-368-6418, and talk to our representative.

Frequently Asked Questions about AC Condenser Filter

Do AC Condensers Have Filters?

No, AC Condensers do not have filters and that’s why ordering an Air Sock Filter is so important. Your condenser get dirtier by the day and ends up reducing the life of your system. Save money, order your Air Sock Filter.

How Do You Clean an AC Condenser?

You can clean an AC condenser on your own by following these steps:

  • Turn Off the Power
  • Vacuum Away All the Debris
  • Straighten the Fins
  • Remove the Fan
  • Clean the Fins
  • Restart the AC

What Does an Air Condenser Do?

An AC condenser releases and collects heat. It facilitates cooling down and condensing the refrigerant vapor into liquid.

Can I Run My AC Without a Filter For One Day?

Yes, you can. But installing a filter helps you keep your air condenser at its best condition, and your AC lasts longer till the maximum lifespan.

Should You Cover Your AC Condenser?

Covering your AC condenser with an inappropriate material can cause more harm than good. Mesh material is appropriate for covering the condenser.

 Can I Replace Just the AC Condenser?

Yes, you can replace just the AC condenser. But the price you need to pay for an AC condenser is almost equivalent to a mid-ranged new AC unit.

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