In the hot summer, most of us look forward to the relief we get when we enter a well-cooled house, the feeling of instant relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the day, and the feeling of recovery from the outdoor temperature. But all that can fail if your air conditioning system fails to work effectively due to dirty capacitor coils. Therefore, it is important to understand what condenser coils are, what happens if they become dirty, and what you can do to clean them.

What is a Condenser Coil?

The condenser coil is an external counterpart to the evaporator coil unit. It is located outside the condensing unit. It is sometimes referred to as a “warm” coil because it rejects incoming external heat.

The condenser coil is responsible for removing the collected heat from the indoor environment. Like evaporator coils, they are usually made of copper with aluminum fins, making heat dissipation more effective. Unfortunately, both the coils can accumulate dust and debris. The condenser coil can also pile up leaves, grass clippings, pet hair, and other outdoor contaminants.

Effects of a dirty condenser coil

The first sign of a dirty condenser coil is a significant reduction in air conditioning efficiency. You may also find that your home feels more humid. This is because your air conditioner is working harder and cannot keep up the moisture in the air. 

Dirty condenser coil can

  • Reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • Increase the time required to reach the temperature setpoints. 
  • Increase energy costs. 
  • Increase the compressor pressure and shorten the service life of the air conditioner.

In severe cases, you may even feel your air conditioner is blowing out hot air. In this case, it is best to turn it off and call an expert. So, it is necessary to keep the coil clean and free of debris to ensure sufficient airflow through the system. In addition, you can use a condenser coil filter and air intake filter sock cover to keep your AC condenser and the external unit protected from dust and bugs.

How Condenser Coil filters protect your system?

  • It helps to optimize cooling performance.
  • Keep the coils clean throughout the season.
  • It helps in elongating the service life of an AC.
  • Prevents leaves, cottonwood seeds clogging coil.
  • Stops insects, grass clippings, mulch chips & fibers.

Keeping coils clean

To keep the AC evaporator and condenser coils clean, the heat exchanger coils must be accessible through the corresponding plates on the indoor and outdoor units.

  • Use a soft cloth to remove dust, dirt, and other debris from the bobbin.
  • Put on an air intake filter sock cover to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Spray a commercial cleaner on the coil to remove dirt and make cleaning easier.
  • Make use of compressed air to remove coarse debris.

Also, coil cleaning and inspection should be part of the regular preventive maintenance performed by your HVAC technician. 

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