The air filter inside your air conditioner plays an important function to prevent clogged airflow. You might think that it’s just a small component fitted outside your ac unit, but it performs to maintain the air quality and comfort. What would happen if you neglect the air filter? Some people ignore the air filter which leads to air conditioner problems. Air sock filters are a great solution to restricted airflow.

Consider that your air filter has been clogged with dirt, debris and grime for two months. Now let’s see what are the problems that arise due to dirty air filters.

Buildup on fans and ductwork

Filters cannot purify air forever, as sometimes they need to be either cleaned or replaced. Paper filters can be disposed of by using cardboard frames or a paper screen. However sturdier filters are reusable, they are constructed with metal frames that allow the cleaning process as per the manufacturer instructions.

If you don’t replace the air filter it starts to fail the function of purifying the air. Accumulation of all the dust and contaminants enter inside the AC system. Further, the dirt particles even clog the moving parts of an AC such as blower fan, motors and valves. The restricted Airflow causes strain on the entire system. Hence the HVAC system will consume more power to meet your requirements. This is how a dirty air filter decreases the efficiency of an ac system and causes breakdowns. 

Moisture and mould contamination

There are some high energy particulate air filters or HEPA that capture allergens and spores. These filters are built from finer mesh than other filters which enables them to screen out small particles such as allergens, pollen, dander, and even mould spores. Such air filters are categorized by MERV ratings 1 to 20, higher rating signifies more effective air filters. HEPA filters are capable of providing better indoor air quality.

Now, if you have any one of these effective air filters and you fail to replace them, then you can observe a collection of moisture and mould inside the ducts which causes mould infestations, Also these air filters require cleaning of replacement often enough as the rate of accumulation of dirt is higher in HEPA.

The air has to circulate through your AC system at least 7 times a day and with this much circulation, several particles enter the AC system. Including pollen, mould and germs, infections can quickly spread through the air. To avoid this you can utilize air sock filters.

Damaged parts

The problem gets worse when the air filter stops functioning completely. Dust particles enter the ac system and start to degrade other components. It makes the system slow and decreases the lifespan. Eventually, you have to consider the repair or replacement of damaged parts caused due to clogged airflow.

An outdoor air conditioner filter can be used to avoid clogged airflow and maintain good health of your air conditioner. Threeze LLC Air Sock Filter is here to help you with any ac issues related to air filters. To know more contact us at 651 368-6418 or drop a mail at [email protected]