Hello, I am Bob Kelly.

I want to introduce you to a product that I invented to protect your outside air conditioning condenser. It is called the Air Sock Filter. It is designed to keep debris from entering your condenser’s coils. Things like cottonwood seeds, grass, and leaves. These items can clog your air conditioning coils and keep it from running efficiently and even shorten its life.

The Air Sock Filter is a cover that is easily installed over your existing air conditioning condenser and keeps out the debris without restricting airflow. It helps keep your air conditioning condenser working efficiently and could even help it last longer. If you have to constantly clean your air conditioning condenser from cottonwood or other debris, call a heating and air company to clean it or just don’t check it for debris because it is in a place that is not easily accessible then my product is what you need to protect it.

My colleagues and I have many years of experience working with air conditioning and saw many units clogged with debris. People constantly asked me what they could do about keeping their air conditioning condenser free from debris and the solutions I told them were to clean the unit themselves or have a heating and air company come out and clean it. The first solution is time-consuming and the second solution is not cheap. Try the Air Sock Filter and help keep your air conditioning condenser working the way it was meant to.

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