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We have got you the most proficient AC condenser filter to protect your AC

There are many components in an air conditioning system that work together to maintain the perfect temperature of your home. While the indoor unit of the air conditioner is generally visible, it gets all the care. Most homeowners try to keep their indoor AC unit clean to get satisfactory airflow inside the house. But the outdoor unit is left overlooked by many until it causes major problems like restricting the airflow or system failure. The condenser of the outdoor AC unit is prone to get clogged with dirt, leaves, and other debris. And routine maintenance of the outdoor unit condenser seems next to impossible. As a result, this clog reduces the conditioner's cooling capacity while reducing the airflow and raising energy consumption.

Air sock filters can trap any airborne particulates, debris, or bugs before they enter the condenser fins.

What Is an Air Sock Filter? 

The air sock filter is an AC condenser filter that works as the armor to your AC condenser, and protects it from debris damage. The air sock filter is made of stretchable and cleanable material to cover the external unit from all the corners and to help your AC condenser to stay at its best health for the longest time possible.

The Benefits of Using Air Sock Filter for Your Air Conditioner

Frequent cleaning and scratching is also detrimental to your air conditioner. It is better to protect your air conditioner from clogging, which is causing you restricted airflow, discomfort, and high energy bills. Our air conditioner condenser filter keeps your AC condenser and the external unit protected from dust and debris, and bugs.

The Advantages of Using Air Sock Filter Are:

  • It is easy to install, and fits all the external units of all the major AC brands.
  • The air sock filter is made of heavy-duty material with a cut to provide design which can wrap around the entire outdoor unit with three included magnets.
  • The air sock filter is UV protected; thus, it keeps your external AC unit safe from the sun.
  • The air sock filter can be effortlessly removed and cleaned with pure water or by brushing off the debris with a broom or soft-bristled brush.
  • It keeps your condenser coils tidy all season long while elevating the cooling of your air conditioner.
  • It helps to elongate the life of your air conditioner.

How to Choose the Right Air Filter Sock for Your AC Unit?

The air filter sock is better than any other air conditioner debris screen. It is easy to put in, and you don't need any professional supervision or help to do that. It is congruent with any brand of residential air conditioning systems.

Though the air filters are designed to fit multiple unit sizes or cut according to your unit size during the installation process, make sure to decide on the size that either fits completely or is larger than the outside unit.

We are proud to announce that new products with new dimensions are coming soon to give you a tailored experience.