An air conditioner that needs to be repaired might be stressful. Therefore, it’s best to treat any issues at the earliest, to avoid such stressful situations in the future. 

The AC condenser is a necessary component in almost all modern air conditioning systems. Its main job is to transform the refrigerant from the compressor into a high-pressure liquid by condensing it from a high-temperature, high-pressure vapour.

This unit comprises a compressor, circuit board, condenser coil, tubes, fans, motors, and other components. If you have an issue with one or more pieces, you know you have a bad condenser. There are two warning indicators that you should be aware of:

Visible leakage

Leaks are one of the most evident indications of a failing AC condenser. The condenser can leak if it is damaged or worn out over time. This means that all high-pressure refrigerants will leak out eventually, rendering the entire AC system inoperable.

Significant decrease in cooling

The first indicator of a failed condenser is a significant reduction in cooling capacity. If the condenser is damaged in any way, it will harm the refrigerant flow in the system. As a result, the cooling system’s overall energy consumption will be greatly lowered. If the refrigerant flow is interrupted, the system will not generate enough cool air.

Causes of a bad AC condenser

The most common reason for an AC condenser failure is the essential wear and tear of the seals and tubes, which is worsened by age. Due to the inability to repair the seals alone, you must replace the entire condenser unit.

Another reason for a defective condenser is debris that either blocks refrigerant flow or travels through the refrigerant and damages the AC system components when it encounters them.

A faulty AC compressor, which releases metallic particles into the system, is a common source of this debris. If this is the case, both the air conditioner compressor and the air conditioner condenser will need to be replaced.

Ice crystals can form if moisture enters the system through leaks in the seals, causing comparable blockages and mechanical damage as the metallic pieces.

 Maintenance is important

Keeping your condenser safe is vital to the overall efficacy of your AC unit. It is subject to debris, dirt, and leaves because it is usually in the outer unit. Regular professional maintenance by ensuring your AC condenser filter is intact and the AC debris screen is free from dust or allergens is best to protect your system from potential issues like a bad condenser. 

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling effectively, blowing hot air, or losing refrigerant, it’s good to get the condenser inspected. And to make sure your condenser runs for a longer time, you can install air condenser filters, air intake filter sock cover. It guarantees that airborne particles, trash, or bugs are trapped before entering the condenser fins.

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