When it comes to your air conditioner, the more you know about how it works the better you can maintain it. Many house owners know that the indoor air conditioner unit is responsible for producing cool air. The aim of the outdoor AC unit is unknown. Take a look at what your outdoor AC unit role plays in the cooling procedure and what you can do to keep it more efficient.

What does your outdoor AC unit do? 

The outdoor AC unit is known as the condenser unit. Whereas the indoor AC unit is responsible for absorbing heat from your house air, the role of your outdoor unit is to release that heat to the air outside. Without an outdoor air conditioner unit, the heat emanating from your home would not go anywhere.

How can you make your outdoor AC more efficient?

There are several methods for cleaning an air conditioning system. The outdoor unit absorbs much dust, dirt, and debris, so it is best to start cleaning outside. Cleaning the air ducts is also very important as it increases the efficiency of the air conditioner – 

  • The first step, before cleaning the outdoor AC unit, is to turn off the power switch. The power switch is usually located next to the machine in a small box. 
  • The next step is to remove any other debris, leaves, dust or twigs stuck inside the condenser fins. Use a vacuum cleaner to clear off anything on the fins, but be very careful not to bend or damage them.
  • The vents panel is usually the top access panel that you need to remove by unscrewing the screws. Set the access panel aside carefully.
  • Look at the condenser coils for dust, dirt, debris, and other deposits that may affect performance. A shop vac is great for cleaning dust, and once you have cleaned as much as possible with the vacuum straightforwardly, rinse with a garden hose to remove any remaining dirt. Use caution when vacuuming to avoid damaging or bending coils or fins.
  • The wet rags are often necessary to clean the fan. Check the fan vents and vacuum or wipe out any accumulated debris and dust.
  • Now you can replace the access panel. Just screw it back in place, and turn the power to your outdoor AC unit back on.

Cleaning the air conditioner will not only prolong the life of your air conditioner but also ensure that your air conditioner operates more efficiently and maintains constant airflow.

Cleaning the outdoor air conditioner unit is not that difficult, but the time and effort invested will pay off for the energy efficiency and comfort your family will enjoy even in summer or winter. 

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