What happens if water enters the cold air intake?

Hydraulic lockout

Hydraulic lockout occurs when non-combustible liquid enters the cylinder. Water makes up more space than the air and fuel mixture and prevents the piston from reaching the top stroke. When the piston stops, everything will stop, and the engine will stop. It can be a piston, a connecting rod, or a broken cylinder block.

Even a slight amount of water entering the engine for a long time can cause damage. Pistons, cylinder walls, and other engine parts may begin to rust. The rust accumulates to an extent sufficient to affect engine performance and may require expensive repairs.

How to prevent cold air intake from water?

  • Many manufactures of an air intake filter sock cover also provide bypass valves to help keep the water out. These bypass valves generally include a second foam filter and will close off induction from the primary foam filter and reroute air intake to an external air source.
  • Another way to protect the air intake is to install a polyester mesh that can cover the air intake filter. This polyester umbrella is similar to a plastic bag. It can slide on the filter and be fixed with a rubber band. However, you should avoid driving in heavy rain or puddles.
  • In an emergency, such as a sudden storm, blue masking tape can be used as an alternative temporary solution for one of the products. It does not close the filter itself, but if the filter is installed directly behind the grille, you can temporarily cover the grille area in front of the filter with tape. It will substantially reduce the chance of damaging the vehicle’s engine.

Buy an air intake filter sock cover

Air intake filter sock cover can provide many advantages, but you should take precautions. When water poses a threat to the system, reliable performance requires immediate action. With some waterproof protection, you can prevent the engine from being damaged by sucking in water through the cold air intake.

Benefits of using air intake filter sock covers for Air Conditioners 

Frequent cleaning and scratching are also harmful to the air conditioners. The best way to prevent the air conditioner from clogging or blocking is to use an air intake filter sock to restrict airflow, discomfort, and high energy consumption. The condenser filter protects the AC condenser and outdoor unit from dust, dirt, and insects.

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