AC condensers are a crucial part of almost all AC systems. Its prime function is to convert the refrigerant from the compressor into high-pressure liquid by condensing high-temperature and intensive steam. It is similar to how the cooling system works. 

The car moves the cold air flowing through the condenser fins and cools the coolant until it becomes liquid. When you turn on an air conditioner, the cooled liquid refrigerant is used to cool the passenger compartment.

All the refrigerant of the air conditioning system flows directly through the condenser. So, if the condenser fails or breaks down, the operation of the entire system is affected. There are ways to spot a failed condenser.

Significantly reduced cooling 

One of the first symptoms of damaged or failing air-conditioning compressors is reduced cooling. If the condenser fails in any way and the refrigerant flow is restricted, the working efficiency of the entire cooling system gets reduced. So, if the refrigerant cannot flow properly, the amount of cool air that the system is generating will significantly reduce.

Observable leakage 

A more obvious symptom of a condenser failure is an observable leakage. Over time, the condenser may leak due to aging or damage. If the condenser leaks, depending on the location and extent of the leak, all high-pressure refrigerants will eventually escape and shut down the entire air conditioning system since the condenser is one piece of the AC unit. Immediately contact a professional technician for further assistance.

A damaged capacitor

Another simple repair may be to replace the damaged component. 

Damaged motor

If the motor is defective, it needs a replacement, but ensure to refer to the manual for a suitable replacement product; otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the air conditioner. 

Dirty coil

Cleaning the dust or debris on the coil is another simple solution that can improve the performance.

Dirty condenser

If your condenser is covered in dirt or plants, clean it thoroughly and remove anything that blocks or interferes with the equipment. 

When to replace the AC Condenser?


Any blockage in the air conditioner means there is a problem, and the condenser needs a replacement. However, depending on the damage caused by this blockage, you may need to do more than replacing the condenser itself. 

Order an Air filter sock cover

The condenser of the outdoor AC unit is easy to get blocked by dust, leaves, and other debris. Regular maintenance of the outdoor unit condenser seems almost impossible. Therefore, this blockage reduces the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. It also reduces airflow and increases energy consumption. The Air sock filter cover captures particles, debris, or insects in the air before they reach the condenser fins.

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