Heating and cooling air filters are essential for cleansing the air circulating through them and preventing allergies, dust, and other particles from spreading throughout the house. A dirty air filter is easy to ignore, but if left unattended, it can significantly impact your family member’s well being and also your HVAC system’s health.

Outdoor air conditioner filter replacement isn’t always obvious. It’s a good idea to create a seasonal home care checklist and regularly change your filter as part of that checklist. Keeping your AC filters clean will help you avoid these issues. Listed here are several indicators that your air filter needs to be replaced. – 

The air filter is too dirty

Filters are responsible for obstructing dirt and dust from the air before it flows through your home, which is why they’re called air filters. However, if it’s overflowing, the dust won’t be captured and will instead collect throughout your home.

You may notice dust accumulating around your air vents, in particular, if you have one. Your filter’s need for replacement can typically be determined by a quick visual inspection of the unit. In addition to being dusty and dirty, dirty air filters may also have holes or other symptoms of deterioration. The air intake filter sock cover should be installed immediately if it is unclean or broken.

Increased dust in your home

Dirt and impurities are often released into the system when air filters become clogged. These contaminants can then be evacuated through the vents. It’s not always a sign that your filters need to be changed, but dirt and dust around the vents might sometimes suggest clogged ducts. Examining your filters is a good first step if you’re encountering this problem.

Strange and foul smell

Your HVAC unit may emit a burning scent if your air filter is unclean and clogged. Another possibility is that mold or mildew will collect in your air filter. Keep an eye out for any unnatural odors in your home!

Allergy attacks

A sudden surge in allergies or respiratory ailments among your family members or coworkers may typically indicate that you have clogged and dirty filters which are unable to filter out the particulates that cause these conditions. As a result of the blocked filters, there is a reduced airflow into the space, further exacerbating the problem.

AC unit is too hot

Too much heat coming from the back of the unit is a sure sign that your AC filter needs to be replaced. It is possible that you may feel warm air flowing from the back of the unit if the filter is very dirty. The AC will have to work much harder to keep the house cool when the filter is clogged with dust and debris. It’s as simple as changing the AC filter regularly to lighten the load.

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