How Dirty Air Filters Influence Your HVAC System?

There are many things the homeowners should know about the air filters. While clean air filters spread fresh air throughout the house, dirty and clogged air filters can negatively impact the HVAC system. Dirty air filters not only waste money on energy costs but also cause damages to your HVAC system. Here are some ways a dirty air filter harms your heating and cooling device and why it is essential to protect your heating and cooling unit with an AC condenser filter:

Dirty Air Filters Are the Reason Behind HVAC System Failure 

We are sharing this information from our own experience. We have seen many homeowners deal with a broken or malfunctioning HVAC system caused by dirty air filters. Dirty air filters restrict the airflow into the equipment and place an additional burden on the components of your equipment. As a result, your system gets overheated and ultimately fails.

By paying a little amount for an AC condenser filter, you can extend the life of your system.

Dirty Air Filters Make the Air Blower Work Harder

Along with many other components, dirty air filters also make the blower motor work harder than usual. This not only consumes more energy but also harms the overall device. One of the easiest ways to reduce your monthly energy bills is to replace your air filters every 30 to 60 days. If you have pets in your home, the frequency of changing your air filters should be every 20 to 40 days. As the pets shed dander, the filters get clogged more quickly.

Dirty Air Filters Make the Air Ducts Dirty 

The air generated throughout your house passes through the air filters and the air ducts. Dirty air filters fail to capture dirt and pollutants from the air your device has captured from outside. As a result, the contaminated air enters the air ducts and makes them dirty faster. This process can lead to costly HVAC cleanup and maintenance, and sometimes, it creates more severe problems.

Dirty Air Filters Cause Uneven Heating and Cooling 

If you are not cleaning your air filters frequently, and have not installed an AC condenser filter yet, you will face tremendous problems during the winter. If you have already experienced uneven cooling during summer, you can blame your air filters for that. And if you are ignoring your air filters even now, you may find cold spots inside your home during winter, which means you will get lower comfort levels at a higher cost.

Dirty Air Filters May Cause Your System to Freeze Up 

Clean air filters allow the air to flow freely out of your unit. Dirty air filters restrict the airflow, causing it to build up inside the air conditioner and lower its temperature. When the problem is ignored for enough time, it can cause ice build-up on the coils.

We have a simple solution to keep your system protected during summer and winter. Air Sock Filter offers a customized air conditioner condenser filter for your unit. Call us and avoid facing the situations mentioned above.