Put Product On The Unit With Correct Placement


Instructions for installing

  • Take the cover out of the package and unfold it over the top of the condenser
  • Make sure the corner of the cover that has the velcro and the cords is aligned with the corner of the condenser that has the refrigerant lines and electrical.
  • Start pulling the cover over the condenser slowly and evenly around the sides of it, until you have reached the bottom of the unit. Be careful when you are pulling it down not to get the cover snagged on sharp edges or screws that might be sticking out.
  • Pull the velcro apart and around the refrigerant and electrical lines. Tie the two cords together and tighten them by using the cord tighteners already on each side.
  • Straighten the cover on the condenser if needed. Some makes and models will not fit properly but will still work perfectly fine. The main objective is to have the mesh cover the coils on the side of the unit. If the cover overlaps the fan at the top of the condenser slightly, this will not harm the unit.

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  • This Product Is Patent Pending*
  • Thirty day warranty for manufacturing defects
  • Not responsible for improper installation or other outside agencies
Put Product On The Unit With Correct Placement
Dirty AC Unit
Put Product On The Unit With Correct Placement
Air Sock Filter

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