Air Conditioner Condenser Filter

What Is an Air Conditioner Condenser Filter?

The condenser unit of your air conditioner is basically the outdoor unit. It serves an essential function in cooling down your home. Being situated outdoor, the air conditioner condenser unit is very prone to get clogged with leaves, dirt, grass, and other debris. And it is difficult for any homeowner to take care of the outdoor unit more often. A clogged AC condenser can reduce the air conditioner’s efficiency while restricting proper airflow inside your house. The air conditioner condenser filter is a protector of the outdoor unit. The product is generally made of environmentally friendly fabric and can protect the outdoor unit from debris and clogging.

Why Should You Protect Your AC Condenser?

One thing is for sure that the cooling system doesn’t generate cold air simply. The refrigerant (the chemical heat transfer fluid) absorbs the heat inside your house and releases it outside to the condenser unit. That is the reason you may find the surrounding of your outdoor AC unit always warm. The condenser unit is where the heat dissipates into the air from the refrigerant, and the unit also has a compressor, which is the hardest working component of the entire system. Thus, the condenser unit plays a pivotal role in cooling down your house.

Air Conditioner Condenser Filter Prevents Your AC from Clogging 

When something goes wrong with your AC condenser, you may call professional HVAC service experts and fix it. There are some fundamental issues that you can manage and repair at home. Professional HVAC services will cost you quite some amount while fixing your AC on your own will take time and patience. Plus, frequent clogging may harm your AC condenser and may require costly replacement. Using an air conditioner condenser filter is a preventive measure to keep your AC from clogging and damaging.

How to Replace Your AC Condenser Filters?

Replacing the AC condenser filters is quite an easy task, and you can do that without professional guidance or knowledge. If your existing filter is incredibly old and torn out from many places, you can consider replacing it. You can get a customized AC condenser filter from Air Sock Filter. There are two types of AC condenser filters – with an open top and with a mesh top. You can pick the one that fits best for your AC unit. Now once the new filter is with you, it’s time to replace the old one with this. Firstly, remove the old condenser filter carefully. Later, wrap the new condenser filter around the AC unit. Air sock filter is made with a 4-way stretch material, which is water-resistant and durable. The product is made with standard dimensions and can fit any AC model. You can also make some alterations if required.

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