Are Air Filter Products Capable of Dealing with the Corona virus?

The interior of your home needs to have clean and healthy air flow. It not only keeps your home comfortable but also helps you stay healthy. In the pandemic, everyone wants to be more careful and attentive about their indoor air quality than ever. And people are looking for products that can maintain the indoor air quality and prevent viruses like the coronavirus. Homeowners who have been using air conditioner condenser filter to protect their compressor unit, have the question if air filters can deal with the coronavirus. Here, we are trying to let you know if AC condenser filters can protect us from COVID-19.

Can Air Conditioner Condenser Filter Protect You From COVID-19?

Ultimately, no matter what filtration you are using, you need to be very careful about a few things to keep the virus away, like washing your hands, changing your clothes every time you are going out, and wearing a mask. And the only way you would bring it to your home is in your lungs. And no filtration can work to protect your lungs from being affected by any virus.

If you are using an air conditioner condenser filter for your system, they are unlikely to capture viruses. The reason is the size of those viruses. In general, viruses are microscopic, and they can easily pass through the gaps in the filter. And an AC condenser filter can trap a virus only when it will directly hit the filter.

Can Air Filters Trap Corona virus And Other Viruses?

Here are some types of filters and their effectiveness against the corona virus:

High-Efficiency Air Filters

High-efficiency air filters can help if you wish to capture particles as small as 2 microns. These types of condenser filters can filter out dust particles, pet dander, allergens, and even mold. Most of the viruses, including the corona virus, are too small to get trapped by this filter.

Electronic Air Filters

Electronic air filters work differently than the standard ones by trapping most of the particles traveling by air in the prefilter. Any particle that passes the prefilter goes to the next layer, an electrically charged filter. The particles that were difficult to get trapped by the prefilter are charged by the electronic filter and absorbed into the oppositely charged plates (which are a part of the filter). Some electronic filters may have another ozone-generating portion, which creates oxygen molecules. Those oxygen molecules attach themselves with the contaminants and eliminate them.

According to a journal by Natural Science, Biology and Medicine, ozone-generating products have been documented to kill SARS-causing viruses, which are similar to the corona virus. Where ozone is proven to efficiently damage or destroy up to 99% of virus cells, the same has not been tested on the corona virus. Thus, there is nothing definitive about the possibility that it can kill the new virus.

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